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Wednesday, 12 March 2008
If you do not want to break your site when making security updates or patches, when you want to be sure everything is running as it should, that there are no known security issues in your site, etc., you can get a regular or on-demand Joomla! site maintenance service.

Tasks considered as maintenance

  • applying security patches and/or upgrades on Joomla! or installed components
  • installing and configuring new ad-ons (components/modules/mambots)
  • setting-up and/or creating site/data backups
  • optimizing the site performance - setting up caching, checking configuration settings
  • cleaning-up HTML code to be valid
  • checking for security problems

Regular vs. on-demand maintenance

We can offer two ways of performing the maintenance task. You can either have a prepaid number of hours per month, when we will perform maintenance task at your site or you can contact us to perform on-demand one time maintenance.

Regular maintenance 

In case of regularily performed maintenance a list of periodically performed tasks is agreed and those are done by our administrators. If there occurs a problem, where solution may exceed the agreed (prepaid) ammount of time, the client is contacted and a sollution is offered to him.

On-demand maintenance 

When requesting on-demand maintenace, send us a list of task you want to be performed. We will send you back a price quote for those.


The basic maintenance rate is 38 EUR/hour.

For our existing members and long-relation customers the base rate is 33 EUR/hour. Special rates may be agreed on for long-term or complex projects.

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