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Wednesday, 07 July 2004

Joomla! Experts site is a membership based community of users.

By acquiring a membership at Joomla! Experts site for a special product, during your membership, you will get access to online updates for choosen product and additional extra content such as add-ons, plug-ins, modules and other tools for Joomla! CMS. You will also get access to support forums for the particular components and well as to other extras, such as online updates, tutorials, hint articles, etc. Being a member, you will also get discounted rate for custom development, maintenance and other services we offer.

The membership is limited by time and is pre-paid. The base price for a membership is only 10 EUR per month. The minimum membership duration is 3 months. The longer you are the member, the better conditions you can gain. The membership can be also renewed periodically, which can bring further advantages.

Offered Memberships:

  • Standard membership - 3 months for just 30 EUR
  • Silver membershp - 6 months for 50 EUR (get 1 month free)
  • Gold membership - 1 year for 90 EUR (get 3 months free)

Get additional 10% discount for each extra period of recurring membership.

What you will get

By getting a membership for a specific product, during its duration, you will get:

  • access to online updates (not available for non-members) - this means safe and easy updates to the latest versions of the components
  • access to protected supportive content - articles, hints, tips & tricks (where available)
  • access to moderated support forums
  • guaranteed response time latest within 2 working days
  • discounts on custom development and other services

Get a membership

To get a membership for particular product, choose from the menu at the left.

More information

To get more information about services offered, check the Services menu on the top. 

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