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Wednesday, 12 May 2004

Comparison Charts component allows to you to create charts comparing different "editions" of  objects. These objects can be products, service levels, offerings or others.

JE Comparison Charts logoYou can specify different "editions" such as (Lite, Standard, Pro, etc.) and you can define a set of properties. For each of the editions, you can enter the value of each property. The value can be either a yes / no value (meaning that the specific edition supports or does not support given property) or an arbitraty value (such as number of users that can register). The edition properties can be firther categorized into sections and categories, similarily to other Joomla content. This allows you better structuring of more complex edition sets.

Main Product Features

  • compare unlimited number of product (object) editions
  • sort them into sections and categories
  • use yes/no or text values
  • complex charts are piece of cake
  • easy to understand back-end GUI
  • fully customizable look with built-in CSS editor
  • SEO support for ARTIO JoomSEF
  • internationalization / multilinguality support for JoomFish

DEMO version

Demo version is available at our demo site.

Become a member

To get a version of this component, with no back links and extra features, become a member.

Test free version

If you want to test a free version you may download it from our server. Free version contains back links to us as authors and does not provide full functionality same as version available to members.

Differences between free and member version

The Comparison Chart version available to members has following extras:

  • support for multiple charts
  • online upgrades
  • extra CSS styling options (each chart can use different style)
  • no back link is present
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